The dangers of “preservatives”

Even if preservatives will be helpful to help extend the shelf life and preserve food for longer. But when we consume food or beverages that mix these chemicals. There may be dangers causing adverse effects on the body and various illnesses. both short term and long term as follows

Acute allergic reaction to preservatives

Due to a large number of preservatives until the body can’t drive out May cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, or acute erythrocyte shock. Methemoglobinemia, the most severe of which is fainting and unconsciousness.

Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract

and changes the mechanism of nutrient absorption in the body

Preservatives are carcinogenic.

Some preservatives react with acids, for example, in the stomach. will accumulate and cause cancer

Preservatives can cause liver and kidney problems.

And work has decreased. Preservatives will be the cause of many other diseases in the future.

For initial safety, you Should choose to consume products containing preservatives certified by the FDA, but if you can avoid Choosing foods made mainly from fresh foods, such as fresh meats, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Including using clean and safe seasonings with quality ingredients such as sweetened syrup and sugar-free concentrated as seasunzone syrup (0% sugar added) that provide sweetness with a variety of flavors to choose from without sugar, so it doesn’t make you fat And not hurt your health in the long run.

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