Sweet taste is probably one of the things that make many people enjoy eating quite a bit. Whether it’s sweets, drinks, or even sweet fruits, it makes them feel refreshed. Energetic, good mood, but the composition of these sweets is inevitable. “Sugar” is the cause of sweetness that, if eaten in excess, may be at risk of many diseases such as

– Obesity or overweight if the body gets a lot of sugar. When converted to energy, the body can’t burn it all. It will become excess fat accumulated in the body, causing it to become obese.

– Diabetes, Normally in our body, there is a hormone “insulin” that helps control blood sugar levels to balance. But overeating sugar  or sugar can cause the body to become insulin resistant or not make enough insulin, increasing blood sugar. And the risk of developing diabetes is high as well.

– High blood pressure is another risk, especially for obese or overweight, because the sugar that is not entirely metabolized when converted to fat may accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, causing narrowing of the arteries. And cause high blood pressure. High blood sugar can cause obesity and heart disease also. In addition, the sugar that is converted to fat may accumulate in the arteries, causing atherosclerosis.

– Fatty Liver Disease, if you are consuming fructose sugar. Which is often mixed in too many sweet drinks. The liver breaks this sugar down, and the excess fructose that the liver doesn’t convert to energy becomes glycogen or fat. So if there is a large amount, it will eventually become a fatty liver disease.

– Cancer is caused by the consumption of sugar or sweets until obesity. As a result, the body is resistant to insulin and inflames the organs, thereby increasing the likelihood that cancer cells will develop in different areas.

– Depressive disorder The body receives too much sugar and directly affects the internal organs of the body. It also affects the nervous system and parts. Emotional brain Due to the rapid rise in blood sugar levels, it is easy to stress. Mood swings and sleep disturbances And if these symptoms persist for a long time, there is a risk of depression.

In addition, overeating sugar increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay in children, kidney disease, dementia, and many other diseases. Therefore, it is essential to consume sugar in the right amount, no more than 6 teaspoons per day for adults and 4 teaspoons/day for children, But if you want every meal to be delicious comfortably and healthy.

Try using premium-grade sugar-free syrup, seasunzone brands instead of sugar. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, or weight loss can eat without becoming obese, and children can eat without fear of tooth decay.