• coconut milk 250 ml
  • gelatin 2 stacked tea
  • Himalayan salt 1/2 stacked tea
  • Coconut Flavor Concentrated Keto Seasun Brand 50 ml.
  • Chicken eggs (only yolks) [1] 1 egg
  • fluffy whipping cream 200g.
  • Chicken eggs (only yolks) [2] 1 egg


  • Chicken eggs (only yolks) [3] 1 egg
  • Roasted White Sesame, Young Coconut and Roasted Almonds for a pair

How to do

  • put coconut milk in the container

  • Followed by gelatin and Himalayan salt.

  • Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until the mixture boils, turn off the heat.

  • Add concentrated sweetened juice with coconut flavor. Big formula. Colorful brand.

  • Egg yolks (1), mix well, set aside to cool.

  • Add whipped fins fold to combine
  • Pour into a frozen container. Prepare. Take out, add egg yolks [2], scrape to combine.
  • Ladle into serving containers. Served with egg yolk (3), roasted white sesame seeds, young coconut and roasted almonds. Ready to serve.

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