You can eat almost any type of meat except processed meats, so be sure to check if they contain starch or MSG. If there is a mixture, it must be avoided


Cooking oils, but you should avoid bottled vegetable oils as they may contain trans fats.

#dairy products

you can also eat 100% dairy products such as real butter, cream cheese, and other cheeses.


All green leafy vegetables that grow above the ground and other vegetables can be eaten as much as they want


There may be few choices, and limited quantities as most of them contain sugar.


Choose single beans, but don’t overeat them because they’re unnecessarily high in fat.

#Non-starch and carbohydrate noodle and rice products

It is an alternative for anyone bored or unfamiliar with eating only rice, making each meal more tummy and not breaking the keto principle.


Water and mineral water that is drinkable. Keto can drink all kinds of beverages that don’t contain sugar, milk, and alcohol; therefore, if you want to drink tea, coffee. And you can mix other ingredients to add flavor, such as premium Syrup, Keto Formula, Energy 0cal, Colorful Brand, add sweetness to both savory dishes and beverages without interrupting the keto diet with a mixture of erythritol inulin and stevia. Confident with 0% sugar

The Keto diet is not tricky. Just choose the suitable raw material. Plus, a good condiment like #Keto Syrup from #Colorful will make every Keto meal still mellow. Then, I’m ready to eat happily