Afternoon work is a challenge for many people, from having a packed lunch that makes you feel sleepy or starting to feel exhausted from using your brain for more than half a day. And if coffee isn’t the only way to get you up and running in the afternoon? Try these techniques to refresh yourself during the workday.


1. Get enough sleep at night because sleeping less than 7-8 hours at night for many days or insufficient sleep can cause daytime drowsiness. So try to clear your schedule by adjusting your bedtime faster or find a way to relax before bed to get deep, adequate sleep at night for a fuller refreshment during the day.


2. Try eating fresh fruits such as apples and bananas to help stabilize blood sugar levels and recharge energy for the body. Oranges contain substances that will turn food into energy. If you’re sleepy, eating the fruit on its own or with a cup of cold yogurt will definitely help you wake up in the afternoon.


3. Drink water regularly. Some people may sit and work in front of the screen for a long time until they enjoy and rarely drink water. However, if the body does not get enough water, it will make you feel tired.
Therefore, you should drink water frequently throughout the day, about 8-10 glasses of water to stay refreshed. In addition, water will help deliver oxygen and transport nutrients to different parts of the body, thereby enhancing energy.


4. Avoid carbohydrates and sweets at lunch, as boththe starches and sugars present in these foods cause  the pancreas to produce more insulin, increasing blood sugar and making us more sleepy.


5. Take a few naps – Finally, if none of these methods really help you wake up, it may take a 10-15 minute nap to allow your body and brain to rest and wake up with better creativity and memory. This nap should be
short; the maximum should not exceed 25 minutes because if you sleep longer than this, in addition to making the body even more sleepy, it may waste time working as well.


In addition, if you feel tired from using your eyes to stare at the computer for a long time and start to feel sleepy. Try to stay away from the computer screen for a few minutes to give your eyes a break and allow your body to move, such as going to the bathroom or having a drink. And for those who do not refrain from refreshing sweet drinks in the afternoon, try using premium- grade sugar-free concentrated sweetened beverages,

colorful brands, various flavors. The syrup can be brewed with water, milk, or even soda. It will help make the body fresh and ready to go to work in the afternoon without interruption. And most importantly good for health Eat and not get fat both working adults #diabetic patients #High blood pressure, the elderly or children can also eat. Don’t be afraid of tooth decay.