One of the popular dietary trends for weight loss and health care today is the Ketogenic Diet, which is a diet by reducing carbohydrates such as rice, flour, sugar, etc., and mainly focuses on eating fats and proteins. Causing the body to process ketosis, using the stored fat as energy which reduces blood sugar levels lower insulin levels and lower blood pressure Keto is therefore a dietary approach suitable for type 2 diabetics or those who want to control their weight as well.

But for those who are still worried that there are few options for a keto diet. Or are eating and getting bored of the same menu? Let’s take a look at Mix & Match Keto Drink Ideas for you to create new menus that are satisfying and not monotonous as follows:

1. Water / mineral water, a true friend drink, the basis of health care for keto people. You can also drink soda water (Seltzer) is a natural water that compresses carbon dioxide to create bubbles. It’s free from additives, colors, and sugars, so it doesn’t provide energy either.

add flavor too Keto Concentrated Sweetener Sugar free, color brand, cola flavor. If you try mixing a lemon or a thin slice of lemon in soda or cold water. And a few mint leaves will instantly become “Cola Mojito”, a delicious drink in keto style.

2. Non-animal milk products (Non-Dairy Milk) can be substituted with almond milk or pistachio milk. No added sugar, no cow’s milk or soy milk. But if you try to mix it with cocoa and add some ice got a new menu Dark Choco Keto Rich and delicious, ready to serve immediately.

3. Coffee. Anyone who eats keto and drinks only black coffee until bored. Hurry up to find these ingredients to fill quickly. Whether it’s coconut milk, it can be used both fresh or coconut milk. It’s a new flavor of coconut milk coffee that is worth trying, or you can add cocoa to increase the intensity of mocha style to use soluble green tea. Topped on top as a new topping, it’s delicious, it’s not illegal, and you can also use butter (except margarine, margarine) or whipped cream to add to coffee instead of milk.

4. Tea can drink both general tea, green tea, herbal tea, just without sugar and milk. But you may add other ingredients just like coffee. Or another menu worth trying, such as sala tea, which uses only keto-concentrated sweeteners. Sugar-free, colorful brand, sacrificing flavor, mixed with tea and water, and may add texture with konjac pearls or fruit such as strawberries, just like this, it changes the normal tea menu to be delicious, refreshing and enjoyable to chew.

5. Vegetable and fruit smoothies Keto dieters can bring green leafy vegetables. And some fruits such as carrots, spinach, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, strawberries, blueberries, lemons, coconuts, etc., by the juice. or blended into smoothies But if you drink freshly squeezed flavor, it may not taste as good as you like. Try adding a little salt and syrup, Premium Keto Energy 0 Cal, colorful brand. will help mellow Easier to drink