Why is eating keto and not losing weight? Any keto person has started the keto diet for a while and hasn’t seen anybody’s shape and weight changes. Check out this list of 6 things that, if doing so, won’t help your weight loss, whether you’re in one of these or not? I will increase caution.

1. The body has not yet entered ketosis mode. Check to see if you’re still eating carbs because if so, your body isn’t using ketones as your primary source of energy instead of carbs. In ketosis mode So your weight hasn’t dropped.

2. Get too many carbs, Even without eating starch or sugar directly. But some raw materials or vegetables may contain carbohydrates. which must be careful not to exceed 30-50 grams per day

3. Not eating enough fat because the keto diet’s heart is to use fat to reduce fat. Therefore, you must eat it in proportion to 75% of calories per day. And don’t forget to supplement other nutrients to help balance the body as well.

4. Overeating Protein Whether it’s nuts, dairy products, meat, seafood, or eggs, they’re all great sources of protein. But if you eat more than necessary, protein is converted to glucose. can interfere with the ketosis process

5. Low-carbohydrate foods should be avoided because they may contain carbohydrates, Or sweeteners that stimulate insulin production are mixed.

6. Lifestyle factors such as low water intake, sleep deprivation, stress, lack of exercise, etc., also contribute to slower weight loss.

In addition to all these precautions, Ketos should plan and keep a journal of each meal each day. This will make it easier to know and control your eating. Importantly, please be patient. Gradual Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and opt for ingredients like Premium Syrup and Concentrated Keto Formula 0cal Energy, seasunzone brand that will enhance the taste of keto food and beverages especially. There are more than ten flavors to choose. It will help the keto diet to help you lose weight with results and happiness.

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