Blood Type Diet: Eating for Types O, A, B, & AB

The human body is like a machine with many complex mechanisms, and different blood types make other functions within each person’s body. One of them is the digestibility of each blood type. The blood bank website of Thammasat Hospital describes the diet according to blood type, which is the result of a 30-year study by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and published in the best-selling book “Eat Right For Your Type.” Each person’s blood type has different chemicals, digestion is also further, and all foods contain protein. And are free radicals that are sticky to the blood called lectins, which, if we eat foods that contain lectins that are not suitable for our blood, causing indigestion and residual in the body. Lectin will also harm the functioning of the digestive system, insulin production, metabolism, and hormonal balance, which is the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, you should hurry to prevent problems before seeing what each blood type should eat and what foods should be avoided

Blood type A People with type A blood may need to focus on a vegetarian diet. Due to the relatively low gastric acidity, it is difficult for the digestive system to digest meat proteins such as pork, cow, duck, shrimp, and cow’s milk products. But you can eat fish, goat’s milk, soy milk as a protein supplement instead of cow’s milk and are easier to digest, including brown rice, fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods made with nuts and grains

Blood type B The digestive system of blood type B people is quite balanced. Therefore, it is possible to eat various foods such as meat, seafood, especially salmon, snow fish. And They can consume milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, which will help boost immunity, and should avoid corn, tomatoes, beans, sesame, and wheat because they will. But, as a result, the metabolism slows down, causing obesity quickly

Blood type O Fortunately for people with blood type O, their stomachs are highly acidic, so they can digest all kinds of meat, including seafood. Fruits and vegetables in larger quantities than other blood types as well. But they often have problems with poor metabolism and unstable thyroid hormone levels. Therefore, avoid carbohydrate foods such as rice, flour, sugar, nuts because they can make you fat quickly, including cauliflower and acidic fruits. high too

Blood type AB Because it is a mixed-blood type between type A and type B, people with type AB blood will have low stomach acid like type B people. Therefore, a should not eat meat that is difficult to digest but can eat various foods like group B and should eat protein from Tofu and soy substitutes for multiple types of meat. And can eat cow’s milk, butter, eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Especially grapes, plums, and berries help balance the acidity in the stomach and boost the body’s immune system.

If we choose to eat foods that are suitable for the blood type or reduce the food that is not appropriate, it will help the body digest food well and use nutrients to its fullest. And you choose to use more suitable food ingredients such as concentrated nectar and premium grade natural syrup Sugar-free, seasunzone brand, instead of seasoning with sugar and exercising regularly. So it will help you have better health far away from diabetes, high blood pressure and help control your weight