Usually, when we eat carbohydrate foods such as starch, sugar, rice, etc., our body digests it and converts it to glucose or blood sugar. And it is metabolized by the hormone insulin. Produced from the liver, but for diabetics that the body resists or produces less insulin; as a result, blood sugar levels are quite variable. Therefore, be careful when eating carbohydrates.

The hellokhunmor website recommends that people with diabetes eat a low-carbohydrate diet of fruits and vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. with examples of the amount of food that should be consumed per day as follows


Should focus on different types of berries, the amount does not exceed 1 cup.


choose a natural flavor or Greek yogurt Not more than 1 cup

Various nuts

Volume 30-60 grams

Whole grains

such as flax seeds or chia seeds, two tablespoons


Not more than 1 cup


Dark Chocolate Contains at least 85% cocoa, no more than 30 g.

The method of measuring the total daily carbohydrate intake is different for each person. It depends on your blood sugar levels and how much energy you need to use them. Some people may eat up to 70-90 grams per day.

It is recommended to measure blood sugar levels before eating. And 1-2 hours after eating carbohydrates, the blood sugar level should be below 140 mg/dL. Consult your doctor to make sure that the carbohydrate diet for people with diabetes is safe and appropriate.

And recommend another option to cook savory-sweet dishes and drink without harming health for diabetic patients with sugar-free syrup and concentrated syrup brand, seasunzone (0% sugar added) ready to help every meal of your meal still be delicious, mellow, full of flavor.


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