In addition to avoiding carbohydrates, the keto diet makes the body use energy from the fat eaten and the excess fat that accumulates in the body instead. The liver is responsible for converting fats into ketone acids and is used as the primary energy source. This process is called ketosis.

And for those who are just starting a new keto diet in the first 1-2 weeks, there may be a side effect from the keto diet called Keto Flu because your body may not be used to getting more fat and using it as a primary source of energy instead of carbs. It is also when the body loses a lot of water and may also have symptoms of a lack of sugar.

And for these reasons, when the body is unable to adjust to the keto fever symptoms, which are dizziness, headache, body aches, blurred vision, insomnia, irritability, or craving for sweets, followed by

For the next episode, We will continue to see if keto fever symptoms occur. How to prepare for it or fix it and make the first phase of the keto diet not overcooked and give a new brand of 0 kcal Keto. Seasun syrup is another great help in the keto diet. All your meals are easy, healthy. Add deliciousness to both savory and sweet dishes and a variety of beverages.

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