Who said that eating keto couldn’t go out to eat out with other people? It’s not true. Just everyone knows that they need to prepare and adjust a little bit. Finally, Keto people are ready to join. Join deliciousness with friends or other family members. Let’s try the following simple tricks.

Order food prepared without sugar and MSG.

Don’t add sugar and MSG in keto dishes if you have to eat at a restaurant or a la carte menu, and emphasize asking people to make it.

Focus on meat, fish, and vegetables, don’t eat rice. Instead, write down other menu items that can be eaten for ideas such as dried kaolao, roast pork, roast beef, raw fish sashimi, pork/beef steak, vegetable salad, etc.

Avoid soups, sauces, sauces, soy sauces. These may contain sugar and MSG. But if you want to add flavor, you may request new seasonings to mix by yourself. Using garlic, chili, lime, fish sauce

Bring your condiments

Usually, if there is a plan in advance for what to eat, You may have some prep, such as going for sukiyaki or grilling and maybe bringing your keto dipping sauce. Or sweeteners such as Premium Syrup Keto Formula Energy 0cal Colorful Brand Made from high-quality sweeteners. Do not mix flour and sugar And with the packaging in the form of a squeeze tube, it is easy to use and can be carried around easily. Or you can share it in a portable- size syrup bottle. It’s not against the rules. Ready to help complement the taste of both food and beverages. To be delicious full of flavor in every menu.

In the case of an emergency that keto people cannot be avoided a risky menu. Try to choose a menu that has the least carbohydrates. And still focuses mainly on meat, eggs, and fish. Other ingredients, such as rice, flour, and bread, may be substituted for vegetables or shared with friends.

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