The ketogenic diet is one of the popular weight loss methods. The ketogenic diet is eating foods that are not starchy, sugar, or carbohydrates to make the body feel like it cannot starve for new energy and break down the accumulated fat to be used as energy instead. So keto is an exciting method. But with the availability of different bodies or some diseases, it may not be able to eat keto. Let’s check first. Which group are you in, and should you eat keto or not?

A group of people who can eat keto

Patients with diabetes type 2

is caused by insulin resistance resulting in high blood sugar. Some people may be obese and chubby, and you can eat keto to lose weight. However, if you are on medication and want to go on a keto diet, you may need to consult your treating physician for further adjustments.

People who want to lose weight

People who do not have congenital diseases

that need to be careful, such as liver disease, kidney disease, can eat.

People who should not eat keto

Patients with diabetes type 1

need insulin because their bodies cannot produce the hormone insulin to control their sugar intake. If eating keto can cause hypoglycemia.

People who have liver problems

because eating keto will cause the body to use fat as energy instead of carbs, including rice, flour, sugar, with the “liver” acting as the primary function of turning fat into energy. Therefore, people with poor liver health may need to avoid this method.

People with kidney failure.

The keto diet requires a relatively high protein intake, which stimulates kidney function, making kidneys work hard.

People who have fat-burning problems

either caused by heredity or those with very high cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood.

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Thank you for the reference from Meet Dr. Rama, Mahidol University.