Many of you may have heard of hyperglycemia. which often occurs in diabetic patients and those with risky lifestyle behaviors such as rarely exercising Overeating carbohydrates, stress, pancreatic problems, etc., but hyperglycemia can be controlled. It starts with adjusting your eating habits accordingly. in the following way

Reduce carbohydrate foods

For example, eat unrefined rice instead of white rice. Or try a #ketogenic diet alternative to eliminating starches and sugars, for example.

Drink of water

Water helps to excrete sugar through the urine. and help the body not to be dehydrated

Reduce sugar intake

Gradually reduce the level of eating less sweet. both in food and beverages

Use sweeteners

For those who can’t stop the sweet taste right away You can use sweeteners instead of sugar, such as Stevia , Inulin , Erythritol , etc. because it tastes sweet. But it does not provide energy for the body. For example, in #sugar-free syrup and concentrate, #Seasunbrand, made from high-quality ingredients, including #stevia #inulin and #erythritol can be used as an ingredient. In cooking, making desserts or carrying them to add to drinks that want a mellow sweetness. and because it does not contain sugar therefore not dangerous or affect the blood sugar level for sure

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