Chubby children, although they look cute in the eyes of adults. And hidden with the danger that parents should hurry to fix because “obesity” is considered a disease. But, if not taken care of, May cause disease from childhood and have long-term effects. When the children began to grow, many diseases followed, including diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, bone and joint disease, some cancers, including mental complications such as sluggishness, being teased to the point of stress or depression, etc.

To solve the problem of children who are starting to get fat, start by improving your eating habits. and to have the correct physical activity of the child according to the following method

Prepare the right food, contains all five food groups. Avoid fried food, sweets, sweet drinks, soft drinks.

Three complete meals Supplement with snacks like fresh milk or fruit.

invite to exercise or doing outdoor activities to use energy 3-5 times a week

weight measure height to monitor changes in the body

Encourage and compliment when doing the right thing. or has developed better

Reducing or treating obesity in children is challenging because adults and family members must take the lead in managing and adjusting behaviors, especially in nutrition for children. You will start with choosing good ingredients like Sugar-free sweetened syrup and syrup, seasunzone brand, which you can use in cooking, or beverages that need sweetness for children. It still has a familiar taste and is easy to eat. But with a mixture of sweet water and sugar-free syrup. So it doesn’t make you fat and doesn’t have tooth decay. Importantly, it can be eaten by all genders and ages in the family.

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